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Known Good Sets


This KGS was designed to work with many of the tools developed to manage and install Python pacakges. The following sub-sections will explain its use in more detail.

The Index

You can use the index directly. It then behaves exactly like, except that only the good versions of the controlled packages are available. The advantage of using the KGS as an index is that you get bug fixes automatically.

  • In Buildout you can set this index in your buildout.cfg file:
    index =
  • With SetupTools you can specify the index as a command line option to the easy_install command:
    $ easy_install -i mypackage

Nailed or Pinned Versions

When deploying an application, it is often important to nail or pin down the versions of all used packages, so that it can be guaranteed that the setup is identical all the time.

  • In Buildout, the versions can be specified in the buildout.cfg file like this by either copying the contents of versions.cfg or referencing it with the extends option:
    versions = versions
    zope.interface = 3.4.0
    <copy the contents of versions.cfg here>
    extends =
  • SetupTools itself cannot use the version.cfg file.

Find Links

The way of providing the installation tools with additional locations to look for packages is via find links. Those URLs are expected to be an HTML page with links to files or files directly.

  • Buildout, buildout.cfg:
    find-links =
  • Setup Tools, easy_install
    $ easy_install -f mypackage