Zope 3.4.1 Has Been Released!

Zope 3.4.1 Released!

June 22, 2010 - The Zope 3 development team announces the Zope 3.4.1 release.

The 3.4.1 is the long awaited next bugfix version of 3.4.0.

Major changes

  • setuptools update to 0.6c11, so that it supports svn 1.6.
  • z3c.layer update to 0.2.4, which is a SECURITY fix.

For details see the changelog.

Packages and Eggs

Zope 3 is now fully converted to an egg-based system. While some work still remains, it integrates very well with the rest of the Python community. The conversion to egg-based packaging also enables other Python developers to only have to use small bits and pieces of the complete Zope software system. The conversion means that Zope 3 developers do not use the classic Zope 3 tar-ball release anymore. However, for your convenience, Zope 3 developers will provide the classic Zope 3 tar ball releases for at least the 3.4 series.

So how are Zope 3 applications built using only eggs?

The Known Good Set (KGS)

The known good set -- or in short KGS -- is a configuration of packages and their versions that are known to work well together. The compatibility is frequently verified by running over twelve thousand tests on a daily basis [1]. The KGS is tested against Python 2.4 and 2.5 on the 32- and 64-bit platforms. The list of controlled packages and their versions for Zope 3.4 can be found at the Zope 3 KGS site [2].

The KGS can be used in several ways [3]. The most common way is to "nail" the versions by downloading the version configuration file [4] and insert them as follows in your buildout configuration:

versions = versions

zope.interface = 3.4.0

zopeproject Project Builder

To start building a project using a common setup, a package called zopeproject can be used to quickly setup the boilerplate for the project. Ample documentation is provided at the zopeproject home page [5]. zopeproject uses Paste or ZDaemon to create a working server. The following commands get you started:

$ easy_install zopeproject
$ zopeproject HelloWorld
$ cd HelloWorld
$ bin/helloworld-ctl foreground

Demo Packages

At this point, there is no demo package demonstrating a simple Zope 3 application setup. However, the z3c.formdemo package can be used as a fairly minimal setup. To get started with it, enter the following:

$ svn co svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/z3c.formdemo/tags/1.5.3 formdemo
$ cd formdemo
$ python bootstrap.py
$ ./bin/buildout -v
$ ./bin/demo fg


Installation instructions for both Windows and Un*x/Linux are now available in the top level README.txt file of the distribution. The binary installer is recommended for Windows.

Zope 3.4 requires Python 2.4 or 2.5 to run. You must also have zlib installed on your system.


About Zope 3

Zope 3 is a web application server that continues to build on the heritage of Zope. It was rewritten from scratch based on the latest software design patterns and the experiences of Zope 2.

The component architecture is the very core of Zope 3 that allows developers to create flexible and powerful web applications.

Compatibility with Zope 2

Zope 3 is not upwards compatible with Zope 2. This means you cannot run Zope 2 applications in Zope 3.

We continue to work on the transition from Zope 2 to Zope 3 by making Zope 2 use more and more of the Zope 3 infrastructure. This means that new code written in Zope 2 can benefit from Zope 3 technology. Also, with care, code can be written that works in both Zope 3 and Zope 2. This allows a Zope 2 application to slowly evolve towards Zope 3. Unchanged Zope 2 applications are never expected to work in Zope 3, however.

About the Zope Foundation

The Zope Foundation, based in Fredricksburg, Virginia, is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support for the Zope community and the Zope platform and its associated software. Its community includes the open source community of contributers as well as the community of businesses and organizations that use Zope.


  • Upgraded ZODB3 to 3.5.1
  • Upgraded mechanize to 0.1.9
  • Upgraded pytz to 2008c
  • Upgraded z3c.coverage to 1.1.3
  • Upgraded z3c.formdemo to 1.5.6
  • SECURITY Upgrade: z3c.layer to 0.2.4
  • Upgraded zc.buildout to 1.3.1
  • Upgraded zc.recipe.testrunner to 1.0.6
  • Added zc.sourcefactory 0.3.5
  • Upgraded zope.app.basicskin to 3.4.1
  • Upgraded zope.app.form to 3.5.0
  • Upgraded zope.app.http to 3.4.5
  • Upgraded zope.app.publication to 3.4.4
  • Upgraded zope.app.testing to 3.4.4
  • Upgraded zope.app.wsgi to 3.4.3
  • Upgraded zope.contenttype to 3.4.3
  • Upgraded zope.i18nmessageid to 3.5.1
  • Upgraded zope.publisher to 3.4.10
  • Upgraded zope.security to 3.4.3
  • Upgraded zope.securitypolicy to 3.4.4
  • Upgraded zope.sendmail to 3.5.1
  • Upgraded RestrictedPython to 3.5.1
  • Upgraded setuptools to 0.6c11
  • Upgraded zdaemon to 2.0.4
  • Upgraded zope.annotation to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.app.catalog to 3.5.2
  • Upgraded zope.app.dav to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.app.error to 3.5.2
  • Upgraded zope.app.exception to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.app.file to 3.4.6
  • Upgraded zope.app.generations to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.app.http to 3.4.4
  • Upgraded zope.app.session to 3.5.2
  • Upgraded zope.app.workflow to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.configuration to 3.4.1
  • Upgraded zope.contenttype to 3.4.1
  • Upgraded zope.copypastemove to 3.4.1
  • Upgraded zope.documenttemplate to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.dottedname to 3.4.5
  • Upgraded zope.dublincore to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.event to 3.4.1
  • Upgraded zope.hookable to 3.4.1
  • Upgraded zope.pagetemplate to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.securitypolicy to 3.4.2
  • Upgraded zope.size to 3.4.1


No changes or information not found.


3.5.1 (2009-03-17)

  • Added tests for Utilities module.
  • Filtered DeprecationWarnings when importing Python's sets module.

3.5.0 (2009-02-09)

  • Dropped legacy support for Python 2.1 / 2.2 (__future__ imports of nested_scopes / generators.).

3.4.3 (2008-10-26)

  • Fixed deprecation warning: with is now a reserved keyword on Python 2.6. That means RestrictedPython should run on Python 2.6 now. Thanks to Ranjith Kannikara, GSoC Student for the patch.
  • Added tests for ternary if expression and for 'with' keyword and context managers.

3.4.2 (2007-07-28)

  • Changed homepage URL to the CheeseShop site
  • Greatly improved README.txt


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No changes or information not found.


1.0.0 (2007-10-30)

  • Initial release.


1.0.0 (2007-10-30)

  • Initial release.


1.3.6 (2007-10-29)

Bugs fixed

  • Backported decref crash fix from 2.0
  • Well hidden free-while-in-use crash bug in ObjectPath

Other changes

  • The test suites now run gc.collect() in the tearDown() methods. While this makes them take a lot longer to run, it also makes it easier to link a specific test to garbage collection problems that would otherwise appear in later tests.


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No changes or information not found.


1.1.3 (2009-07-24)

  • Bug: Doctest did not normalize the whitespace in coveragediff.txt. For some reason it passes while testing independently, but when running all tests, it failed.

1.1.2 (2008-04-14)

  • Bug: When a package path contained anywhere the word "test", it was ignored from the coverage report. The intended behavior, however, was to ignore files that relate to setting up tests.
  • Bug: Sort the results of os.listdir() in README.txt to avoid non-deterministic failures.
  • Bug: The logic for ignoring unit and functional test modules also used to ignore modules and packages called testing.
  • Change "Unit test coverage" to "Test coverage" in the title -- it works perfectly fine for functional tests too.


No changes or information not found.


1.0.4 (2007-11-01)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


1.9.0 (2008-08-26)

  • Feature: Use the query() method in the widget manager to try extract a value. This ensures that the lookup is never failing, which is particularly helpful for dictionary-based data managers, where dictionaries might not have all keys.
  • Feature: Changed the get() method of the data manager to throw an error when the data for the field cannot be found. Added query() method to data manager that returns a default value, if no value can be found.
  • Feature: Deletion of widgets from field widget managers is now possible.
  • Feature: Groups now produce detailed ObjectModifiedEvent descriptions like regular edit forms do. (Thanks to Carsten Senger for providing a patch.)
  • Feature: The widget manager's extract() method now supports an optional setErrors (default value: True) flag that allows one to not set errors on the widgets and widget manager during data extraction. Use case: You want to inspect the entered data and handle errors manually.
  • Bug: The ignoreButtons flag of the z3c.form.form.extends() method was not honored. (Thanks to Carsten Senger for providing a patch.)
  • Bug: Group classes now implement IGroup. This also helps with the detection of group instantiation. (Thanks to Carsten Senger for providing a patch.)
  • Bug: The list of changes in a group were updated incorrectly, since it was assumed that groups would modify mutually exclusive interfaces. Instead of using an overwriting dictionary update() method, a purely additive merge is used now. (Thanks to Carsten Senger for providing a patch.)
  • Bug: Added a widget for IDecimal field in testing setup.
  • Feature: The z3c.form.util module has a new function, createCSSId() method that generates readable ids for use with css selectors from any unicode string.
  • Bug: The applyChanges() method in group forms did not return a changes dictionary, but simply a boolean. This is now fixed and the group form changes are now merged with the main form changes.
  • Bug: Display widgets did not set the style attribute if it was available, even though the input widgets did set the style attribute.


1.5.6 (2010-04-28)

  • 1.5.5 tar.gz was broken

1.5.5 (2010-04-28)

  • 1.5.4 tar.gz was broken

1.5.4 (2010-04-27)

  • fixed security declarations for z3c.layer >= 0.2.4

1.5.3 (2008-08-26)

  • Refactoring: make links relative so it will work better with virtual hosting.


0.4.0 (2008-08-26)

  • Feature: There is now a special unique prefix generator that uses z3c.form's new createCSSId() function to generate css selectable prefixes for ajax forms.

  • Feature: There is now a viewlet manager already registered with all the viewlets necessary to use z3c.formjs. You can now just do:

    <script tal:replace="structure


    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 308)

    Definition list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.


  • Feature: When AJAX handlers return complex data structures (dictionaries, lists and tuples), the data is automatically converted into JSON format before delivery.

  • Restructure: Make package run on latest z3c.form 1.9.0 release.

  • Bug: Widgets that were being updated multiple times were generating duplicate javascript event subscriptions. This is now fixed.


0.3.1 (2008-08-26)

  • Restructure: Made links on index page relative to context so you can do better virtual hosting.
  • Restructure: Changed dates to ISO-8601 format.
  • Restructure: Removed deprecations warnings for ISession and ZopeSecurityPlicy.


1.4.2 (2008-08-26)

  • Bug: Corrected typos and unwanted unicode characters.


0.1.1 (2007-11-01)

  • Improve package meta-data.


0.2.4 (2010-04-18)

  • Security issue: The traversers defined for IPageletBrowserLayer and IMinimalBrowserLayer was trusted adapters, so the security proxy got removed from each traversed object. Thus all sub-objects were publically accessable, too.

    Making this change might BREAK your application! That means if security is not well declared.

  • Bugfix: use IContentTemplate instead of IPageTemplate which avoids to get the layout template if no IPageTemplate is registered

0.2.3 (2007-11-07)

  • Forward-Bug: Due to a bug in mechanize, the testbrowser throws httperror_seek_wrapper instead of HTTPError errors. Thanks to RE normalizers, the code will now work whether the bug is fixed or not in mechanize.


1.1.0 (2007-11-01)

  • Update package info data.
  • Add z3c namespace package declaration.


1.0.0 (unknown)

  • Initial Release


0.2.0 (2007-11-01)

  • Initial release.

    • A simple menu implementation based on viewlets.


No changes or information not found.


1.0.2 (2008-01-21)

  • Added a form.zcml which can be included to have a template for PageletAddForm, PageletEditForm and PageletDisplayForm.


0.7.3 (2007-11-10)

  • Make sure that the output dir is included in the distribution.


1.0.2 (2007-11-01)

  • Add doctests to long description of package data.


1.1.0 (2007-10-08)

  • Added an IContentTemplate interface which is used for <z3c:template>.


0.2.0 (2007-10-31)

  • Fix pacakge data.
  • Move functional tests to tests.
  • Remove deprecation warning.


1.0.0 (2007-10-30)

  • Initial release.
    • Weight-ordered viewlet manager.


0.3.2 (2007-11-01)

  • Fix package meta-data.


1.0.1 (2007-10-30)

  • Fix long description of package to be valid restructured text.


No changes or information not found.


1.2.0 (2007-11-03)

Features added

  • Updated package meta-data.
  • zc.catalog now can use 64-bit BTrees ("L") as provided by ZODB 3.8.
  • Albertas Agejavas (alga@pov.lt) included the new CallableWrapper, for when the typical Zope 3 index-by-adapter story (zope.app.catalog.attribute) is unnecessary trouble, and you just want to use a callable. See callablewrapper.txt. This can also be used for other indexes based on the zope.index interfaces.
  • Extents now have a __len__. The current implementation defers to the standard BTree len implementation, and shares its performance characteristics: it needs to wake up all of the buckets, but if all of the buckets are awake it is a fairly quick operation.
  • A simple ISelfPoulatingExtent was added to the extentcatalog module for which populating is a no-op. This is directly useful for catalogs that are used as implementation details of a component, in which objects are indexed explicitly by your own calls rather than by the usual subscribers. It is also potentially slightly useful as a base for other self-populating extents.


0.5.2 (2007-11-03)

  • Improve package data.
  • Developed proper package dependencies.
  • Merged functional tests into tests.py.


0.5.2 (2007-11-03)

  • Improve package data.


1.0.0 (2007-11-03)

  • No code changes from last beta, just some small package meta-data improvements.


1.0.0 (2007-11-03)

  • Initial release.


1.0.6 (2010-05-05)

  • 1.0.5 missed the changelog update

1.0.5 (2010-05-05)

  • unpin requirement, 'zope.testing<=3.4.9999' that collides with the KGS 3.4.0 and 3.4.1

1.0.4 (2010-05-05)

  • fix tests for distribute and python stdlib

1.0.3 (2008-09-10)

  • fixed brown back release

1.0.2 (2008-08-25)

  • fixed version pinning

1.0.1 (2008-08-25)

  • pinning zope.testrunner to 3.4.X


1.0.1 (2008-03-07)

Bugs fixed:

  • added the behavior from the standard Zope 3 response to guess that a body that is not HTML without an explicit mimetype should have a 'text/plain' mimetype. This means that, for instance, redirects with a body of '' and no explicit content type will no longer cause an exception in the resourcelibrary response code.


0.3.5 (2008-12-08)

  • Fixed bug in __new__ of contexual factories that would disallow

    subclasses to use constructors that expect a different signature. [icemac]


No changes or information not found.


0.6.2 (unknown)

Added the "newest=false" option in the SetUp to prevent upgrade during tests


2.0.4 (2009-04-20)

  • Version 2.0.3 broke support for relative paths to the socket (-s option and socket-name parameter), now relative paths work again as in version 2.0.2.
  • Fixed change log format, made table of contents nicer.
  • Fixed author's email address.
  • Removed zpkg stuff.

2.0.3 (2009-04-11)

  • Added support to bootstrap on Jython.
  • If the run directory does not exist it will be created. This allow to use /var/run/mydaemon as run directory when /var/run is a tmpfs (LP #318118).

Bugs Fixed

  • No longer uses a hardcoded filename (/tmp/demo.zdsock) in unit tests. This lets you run the tests on Python 2.4 and 2.5 simultaneously without spurious errors.
  • make -h work again for both runner and control scripts. Help is now taken from the __doc__ of the options class users by the zdaemon script being run.

2.0.2 (2008-04-05)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed backwards incompatible change in handling of environment option.


3.4.0 (2007-10-10)

  • No changes since beta 2, but verified test success within the stable set.


3.4.2 (2009-03-09)

  • Clean up package description and documentation a bit.
  • Change mailing list address to zope-dev at zope.org, as zope3-dev at zope.org is now retired.
  • Remove old zpkg-related files.

3.4.1 (2008-08-26)


3.4.0 (2007-10-10)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.3 (2007-11-10)


3.4.3 (2008-07-30)

  • Make the test for the ZopeVersion bugfix in 3.4.2 not fail when run from an egg rather than a checkout.


3.4.1 (2007-9-27)

  • egg was faulty, re-released


No changes or information not found.


3.4.1 (2009-08-15)

  • Added missing test dependency: zope.app.component.

3.4.0 (2007-10-11)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-11-03)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-10-11)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2008-07-30)

  • Remove find-links from buildout.cfg.
  • Get rid of zope.app.zapi as a dependency. See http://launchpad.net/bugs/219302
  • Fixed deprecation warning in zope.app.cache.browser.cacheable: zope.app.i18n became zope.i18nmessageid.


3.5.2 (2008-12-28)

  • Remove testing dependencies from install_requires.

3.5.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.2 (2009-07-15)

  • Fix empty __bases__ on LocalSiteManager objects loaded from old databases, which causes queryNextUtility to never see global utilites and therefore broke minor things like the whole authentication framework.
  • Fix KeyError: 'base' on startup in zope/app/component/back35.py after an inept attempt to fix the above error.

3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.5.6 (2008-08-06)

  • no changes. Retag for correct release on PyPI


3.4.0 (2007-10-11)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.2 (2009-01-27)

  • Substitute zope.app.zapi by direct calls to its wrapped apis. See bug 219302.

3.4.1 (2007-10-30)

  • Removed deprecation warnings for ZopeMessageFactory and ZopeSecurityPolicy.


3.4.1 (2008-02-02)


3.4.0 (2007-11-01)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-10-23)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.5.2 (2009-01-22)

  • Removed zope.app.zapi from dependencies, replacing its uses with direct imports.
  • Clean dependencies.
  • Changed mailing list address to zope-dev@zope.org, changed url from cheeseshop to pypi.
  • Use zope.ManageServices permission instead of zope.ManageContent for errorRedirect view and menu item, because all IErrorReportingUtility views are registered for zope.ManageServices as well.
  • Fix package's README.txt

3.5.1 (2007-09-27)

  • rebumped to replace faulty egg


3.4.2 (2009-01-27)

  • Substitute zope.app.zapi by direct calls to its wrapped apis. See bug 219302.
  • Fixed author email and home page.

3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.0 (2007-11-03)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.6 (2009-01-27)

  • Remove zope.app.zapi dependency again. Previous release was wrong. We removed the zope.app.zapi uses before, so we don't need it anymore.

3.4.5 (2009-01-27)

  • added missing dependency: zope.app.zapi

3.4.4 (2008-09-05)

  • Bug: Get actual filename instead of full filesystem path when adding file/image using Internet Explorer.


3.4.0 (2007-10-24)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.5.0 (2008-06-05)

  • Translate the title on SequenceWidget's "Add <title>" button.
  • No longer uses zapi.

3.4.2 (2008-02-07)

  • Made display widgets for sources translate message IDs correctly.

3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.0 (2007-10-24)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


No changes or information not found.


3.4.0 (2007-11-03)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.5 (2010-01-28)

  • Backport r108613 from trunk: Fix for an edge case: If someone does a defaultView for the context object and someone comes with a not allowed method, the exception view fails on getAdapters

3.4.4 (2009-01-29)

  • Make tests compatible with new zope.traversing release.

3.4.3 (2009-01-27)

  • Added missing depencendy: zope.app.zcmlfiles

3.4.2 (2009-01-26)

  • Add a couple of tests to the OPTIONS verb.
  • Substitute zope.app.zapi by direct calls to its wrapped apis and get rid of zope.app.zapi as a dependency. See bug LP219302.

3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.4 (unknown)

  • Fix deprecation warning.


3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.0 (2007-10-24)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-10-24)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.1 (2007-10-24)

  • Fix long description of package.


3.4.0 (2007-10-24)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-10-25)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-10-25)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2007-10-25)

  • Package meta-data update.


3.4.1 (2008-07-30)

  • Substitute zope.app.zapi by direct calls to its wrapped apis. See http://launchpad.net/bugs/219302
  • Fix deprecation warning in ftesting.zcml: ZopeSecurityPolicy now lives in zope.securitypolicy.


3.4.0 (2007-10-25)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2007-10-30)

  • Avoid deprecation warnings for ZopeMessageFactory.


3.4.0 (2007-10-26)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-10-26)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.4 (2009-08-12)

  • An abort within handleExceptions could have failed without logging what caused the error. It now logs the original problem. This is a back-port from trunk (what is currently slated for 3.8.2).

3.4.3 (2007-11-01)

  • Removed unused imports.
  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.1 (2008-07-30)


3.4.0 (2007-10-27)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.0 (2007-10-27)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.5.2 (2008-07-31)

  • Bug: It turned out that checking for regex was not much better of an idea, since it causes deprecation warnings in Python 2.4. Thus let's look for a library that was added in Python 2.5.


3.4.6 (2007-11-09)

  • zope.app.securitypolicy needs at least zope.i18nmessageid 3.4.2, it wasn't stating that in its dependencies.


3.4.2 (2008-08-18)

  • Moved a doctest into a unittest to fix failures in the KGS test suite (see LP #257954)


3.5.2 (2009-01-27)

  • Fixed tearDown-Error in tests.

3.5.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.0 (2007-10-27)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.4 (2008-08-21)

  • Repair memory leak fix released in 3.4.3 to be more sane in the presence of generations.

3.4.3 (2008-07-25)


3.4.0 (2007-10-24)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-10-28)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2008-02-02)


3.4.0 (2007-10-27)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


0.1.2 (2007-11-02)

  • Fix package meta-data.


3.4.2 (2009-01-27)

  • Fix broken tests,
  • Remove dependency on zope.app.zapi.

3.4.1 (2007-11-04)

  • Move functional tests to tests/ directory.
  • Remove find-links configuration in buildout.cfg.


3.4.3 (2010-04-19)

  • Bugfix: initialize any <logger> defined in the config, as zope.app.server does

3.4.2 (2009-09-10)

  • Support product configuration sections in Zope configuration files.

3.4.1 (2008-07-30)

  • Added Trove classifiers.
  • Notify WSGIPublisherApplicationCreated event when WSGI application is created.
  • Fixed deprecation warning in ftesting.zcml: ZopeSecurityPolicy moved to zope.securitypolicy.


3.4.0 (2007-11-03)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-10-03)

Initial public release as an individual package.

Zope Application Programming Interface

This package provides a collection of commonly used APIs to make imports simpler.

Mostly, the APIs provided here are imported from elsewhere. A few are provided here.


The principals method returns the authentication service. If no service is defined, a ComponentLookupError is raised:

>>> from zope.app import zapi
>>> zapi.principals() #doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
Traceback (most recent call last):
(<InterfaceClass zope.app.security.interfaces.IAuthentication>, '')

But if we provide an authentication service:

>>> import zope.interface
>>> from zope.app.security.interfaces import IAuthentication
>>> class FakeAuthenticationUtility:
...     zope.interface.implements(IAuthentication)
>>> fake = FakeAuthenticationUtility()
>>> from zope.app.testing import ztapi
>>> ztapi.provideUtility(IAuthentication, fake)

Then we should be able to get the service back when we ask for the principals:

>>> zapi.principals() is fake



3.4.3 (2007-11-01)

  • Fix test failure due to missing zope.app.container.browser.ftests

    directory. Now it is moved to zope.app.container.browser.tests.


3.4.0 (2007-10-29)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.1 (2007-10-31)

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.


3.4.1 (2008-04-23)

  • Backported changes from trunk which removes dependency to ZODB.


3.4.0 (2007-09-29)

No further changes since 3.4.0a1.


3.4.1 (2008-12-11)

  • Use built-in 'set' type, rather than importin the 'sets' module, which is deprecated in Python 2.6.
  • Added support to bootstrap on Jython.

3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Initial release as a standalone package.

Before 3.4.0

This package was part of the Zope 3 distribution and did not have its own CHANGES.txt. For earlier changes please refer to either our subversion log or the CHANGES.txt of earlier Zope 3 releases.


3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.3 (2009-12-28)

Updated mime-type for .js to be application/javascript.

3.4.0 (2007-09-13)

First stable release as an independent package.


3.4.1 (2009-01-26)

  • Moved the test dependencies to a test extra requirement.

3.4.0 (2007-09-28)

  • No further changes since 3.4.0a1.


No changes or information not found.


3.4.0 (2007-11-04)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (unknown)

Finished release of zope.deferredimport.


3.4.0 (unknown)

Release 3.4 final, corresponding to Zope 3.4.


3.4.2 (unknown)

  • Re-release 3.4.1

3.4.1 (unknown)

  • Fixed usage of 'with' as a variable name. It is now a keyword in Python 2.6, causing a SyntaxError. zope.documenttemplate now supports Python 2.6.

3.4.0 (unknown)

  • zope.documenttemplate now supports Python 2.5


3.4.5 (2009-01-27)

  • Move README.txt in the egg, so tests works with the released egg as well.

3.4.4 (2009-01-27)

  • Fix ReST in README.txt, fix broken tests with recent zope.testing.

3.4.3 (2008-12-02)

  • More documentation and tests.

3.4.2 (2007-10-02)

  • Fix broken release.


3.4.2 (2009-01-31)

  • Declare dependency on zope.datetime.

3.4.1 (2009-01-26)

  • Test dependencies are declared in a test extra now.
  • Fix: Make CreatorAnnotator not to fail if participation principal is None

3.4.0 (2007-09-28)

No further changes since 3.4.0a1.


3.5.1 (2007-09-27)

  • rebumped to replace faulty egg


No changes or information not found.


3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Updated package meta-data.


0.3.0 (2007-11-01)

  • Package data update.


3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Initial Zope-independent release.


3.4.0 (2007-09-28)

No further changes since 3.4.0a1.


No changes or information not found.


1.0.1 (2007-11-02)

  • Package data update.
  • Updated code to work with packages in Zope 3.4 release.


3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Updated meta-data. No code changes.


3.5.1 (2010-04-10)

  • LP #257657 / 489529: Fix memory leak in C extension.
  • Fixed the compilation of the C extension with python 2.6: refactored it as a setuptools Feature.

3.5.0 (2009-06-27)

  • Made compilation of C extension optional.
  • Added support to bootstrap on Jython.
  • Changed package's mailing list address from zope3-dev at zope.org to zope-dev at zope.org, because zope3-dev is now retired.
  • Reformatted change log to common formatting style.
  • Update package description and docs a little.
  • Remove old .cfg files for zpkg.

3.4.3 (2007-09-26)

  • Make PyPI the home URL.


3.4.1 (2007-09-28)

Fixed bug in package metadata (wrong homepage URL).


3.4.1 (unknown)

Fixed a setup bug that prevented installation from source on systems without setuptools.


3.4.0 (2007-09-01)

Initial release as an independent package

3.4.0 (2007-09-01)

Initial release as an independent package


3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


No changes or information not found.


1.1 (2007-10-02)

  • Refactored package setup.


3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.2 (2009-03-17)

  • Remove old zpkg-related DEPENDENCIES.cfg file.
  • Change package's mailing list address to zope-dev at zope.org, as zope3-dev at zope.org is now retired.
  • Change cheeseshop to pypi in the packages' homepage url.

3.4.1 (2009-01-27)

  • Fix test due to recent changes in zope.tal.

3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Initial release independent of the Zope 3 tree.


3.4.2 (unknown)

  • Made C code compatible with Python 2.5 on 64bit architectures.


3.4.10 (2010-04-06)

  • Removed finally-clause from test to keep Python2.4 happy.

  • Backport r101467 from trunk.

    Fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope3/+bug/98337

    Previously, when the Accept-Charset specified a charset that could not encode the result, a system error appeared, now we fall back to UTF-8, as per RFC 2616 section 10.4.7.

3.4.9 (2009-07-13)

  • Backport fix LP #332061 from trunk (rev 101967): publisher emitted all exceptions to the outside world when running in 'handle_errors=False' mode. Introduced IReRaiseException interface to adjust reraising of certain exceptions on a custom basis.

3.4.8 (2009-07-03)

  • Fix LP #332063 and LP #283089: XMLRPC is broken for paster.httpserver replace readlines with readline
  • Backport fix from z.p 3.5.3: PUT is broken for paster.httpserver (revision 87610)

3.4.7 (2008-09-22)

  • LP# 273296: better dealing with malformed HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE headers

3.4.6 (2008-09-04)

  • Better fix for LP #98440: restore only the default skin, not all interfaces


3.4.0 (unknown)

Initial release as an independent package


3.4.0 (unknown)

Added BeforeObjectAssignedEvent that is triggered before the object field sets a value.


3.4.3 (unknown)

  • Backported a fix made by Gary Poster to the 3.4 branch: Fix for LP bug 181833 (from Gustavo Niemeyer). Before "visiting" a sub-object, a check should be made to ensure the object is still valid. Because garbage collection may involve loops, if you garbage collect an object, it is possible that the actions done on this object may modify the state of other objects. This may cause another round of garbage collection, eventually generating a segfault (see LP bug). The Py_VISIT macro does the necessary checks, so it is used instead of the previous code.

3.4.2 (unknown)

  • Added dependency 'zope.thread' to setup.py, without the tests were failing.
  • Backported a fix made by Albertas Agejevas to the 3.4 branch. He fixed a bug in DecoratedSecurityCheckerDescriptor which made security-wrapping location proxied exception instances throw exceptions on Python 2.5. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope3/+bug/251848

3.4.1 (unknown)

  • Made C code compatible with Python 2.5 on 64bit architectures.


3.4.4 (2010-04-29)

  • LP #564525: Revert the name used for the view permission exported by zope.dublincore to one which matches the names in released versions of that package (3.6.0 and earlier).

3.4.3 (2010-04-16)

  • LP #564525: fix permission moved from zope.app.dublincore namespace to zope.dublincore, and make its grant conditional on the presence of zope.dublincore.

3.4.2 (2009-01-28)

  • Changed mailing list address to zope-dev at zope.org. Fix package homepage to the pypi page.
  • Fix test in buildout which still depended on zope.app.securitypolicy by mistake.
  • Remove explicit dependency on zope.app.form from setup.py; nothing in the code directly depends on this.

3.4.1 (2008-06-02)

  • Fix reference to deprecated security policy from ZCML.


3.5.1 (2009-01-26)

  • Copied over the UtilityTerm and UtilityVocabulary implementation from zope.app.component to avoid a dependency.
  • Work around a problem when smtp quit fails, the mail was considered not delivered where just the quit failed.

3.5.0 (2008-07-05)

  • final release (identical with 3.5.0b2)

3.5.0b2 (2007-12-19)

3.5.0b1 (2007-11-08)

  • Added README.txt
  • Can now talk to servers that don't implement EHLO
  • Fix bug that caused files with very long names to be created
  • Fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope3/+bug/157104: move aside mail that's causing 5xx server responses.

3.5.0a2 (2007-10-23)

  • Cleaned up does_esmtp in faux SMTP connection classes provided by the tests.
  • If the QueueProcessorThread is asked to stop while sending messages, do so after sending the current message; previously if there were many, many messages to send, the thread could stick around for quite a while.

3.5.0a1 (2007-10-23)

  • QueueProcessorThread now accepts an optional parameter interval for defining how often to process the mail queue (default is 3 seconds)
  • Several QueueProcessorThreads (either in the same process, or multiple processes) can now deliver messages from a single maildir without duplicates being sent.

3.4.0 (2007-08-20)

  • Bugfix: Don't keep open files around for every email message to be sent on transaction commit. People who try to send many emails in a single transaction now will not run out of file descriptors.


3.4.0 (2007-10-03)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.3 (2008-08-18)

  • Moved some imports from test modules to their setUp to prevent failures when ZEO tests are run by the same testrunner


3.4.1 (unknown)

  • Fixed some meta data and switch to tgz release.


3.4.1 (2009-09-10)

  • Added support to bootstrap on Jython.
  • Added docstrings
  • Beautify package's README and include CHANGES into the description.
  • Changed package's url to PyPI instead of Subversion.

3.4.0 (2006-09-29)

  • First release as a separate egg


3.4.0 (unknown)

Public release for completeness of Zope 3.4


3.4.1 (2007-11-16)

  • Removed unnecessary dummyengine dependency on zope.i18n to simplify distribution. The dummyengine.DummyTranslationDomain class no longer implements zope.i18n.interfaces.ITranslationDomain as a result. Installing zope.tal with easy_install or buildout no longer pulls in many unrelated distributions.
  • Support ability to run tests using "setup.py test".
  • Stop pinning (no longer required) zope.traversing and zope.app.publisher versions in buildout.cfg.


3.4.0 (2007-10-03)

  • Updated package setup.
  • Initial release outside the Zope 3 trunk.


No changes or information not found.


3.5.6 (unknown)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Open doctest files in universal mode, so that packages released in Windoes can be tested in Linux, for example.


0.3 (2007-11-04)

  • Update package meta-data and first


No changes or information not found.


3.4.1 (2008-07-30)

  • Fixed deprecation warning caused by using an old module name for ZopeSecurityPolicy in ftesting.zcml


1.0.2 (2006-10-16)

Fixed setup file problems.


3.4.2 (2008-01-24)

  • Re-release of 3.4.1 because of brown bag release.


3.4.0 (2007-11-02)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.


3.4.0 (2007-11-03)

  • Initial release independent of the main Zope tree.